Monday, April 27, 2015

Building Adaptive iOS and Android Apps

Want to learn how to create Adaptive iOS and Android Apps that are optimized for both small and large devices? In this presentation, I explore the latest iOS and Android techniques we can apply to create universal apps that adapt their content for all device sizes. Topic discussed include:

  • Adaptive advantages
  • Adaptive layouts - master/detail, grids, and custom layouts
  • Adaptive images - images by size class and vector icons
  • Adaptive content - popovers, self-sizing cells, and dynamic type
  • Adaptive testing - resizable emulators and previewing multiple layouts

Source Code and Demos

My adaptive iOS demos and adaptive Android demos are both available on Github. Enjoy!

Slide Deck Sneak Peek

Adaptive Advantages
iOS SplitViewController

Auto Layout and Constraints
GridView and CardView

Resizable Simulator

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