Monday, April 20, 2009

Kanban: The Good Parts

Kanban Estimates

Struggling with those developer estimates? If you are, you may want to give Kanban's estimation practice a try. The Kanban methodology almost entirely eliminates the estimation process. Instead of using formal planning and estimation all features have approximately the same size. Hours that were previously burnt estimating are actually spent delivering software. When compared to the Scrum estimation model, this style of estimation is very lean.

  • Hours previously spent estimating are spent delivering software.
  • The focus is on delivering software more rapidly vs focusing on when the software will be delivered.
  • Does not invest heavily in a metric that is not scientific or always accurate.
  • High level estimates are still necessary for resource planning.

Kanban Stand ups

Unlike Scrum stand ups where each individual answers the three magical questions of: what did I do yesterday, what am I doing today, and what issues do I have. Kanban focuses exclusively on issues. For example, the global question now becomes: Does anyone have any issues?

  • Quicker stand ups.
  • The stand up scales better for larger teams.
  • Issues are the main focus.
  • May lose visibility of what each member is working on.


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